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17 Bullets Shot but still tossed a Grenade & captured Tiger Hill in Kargil War- Paramveer Chakra.

The Story of the brave Yogendra Singh Yadav, Paramveer Chakra honor, 4 May 1999, 21 Indian Soldiers started their way towards Drass Kargil, Jammu Kashmir. A group of & soldiers went ahead and reached the top before the others could come.

19-year-old Major Yogendra Singh Yadav was one of those 7 soldiers, who found it at the peak of Tiger Hill. It was his unbelievable achievement at Kargil War.

Yogendra Singh Yadav belonged to Bullandshahr, Uttar Pradesh from a village Aurangabad ahir. At the age of 16 years and 5 months, he joined the Indian Army. Ghatak his commando troops gang was given the responsibility of capturing bunkers at Tiger Hill.

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Yogendra Singh Yadav was not knowing his undoubtful love for his mother INDIA, it was because just in a gap of 2.5 years of his High School he joined the Indian Army.

17 Bullets Shot but still tossed a Grenade & captured Tiger Hill in Kargil War- Paramveer Chakra.
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Now his battalion 18th Grenadiers was on their way to Take Hill, on 5th May 1999. When they reached up to the peak, enemy soldiers attacked over the Indian Soldiers. Without a proper amount of Guns and grenades, Yogendra Yadav survived after the death of 6 soldiers with him in the gang.

Yogendra Yadav was hit by 17 bullets, but not a single bullet could take his life. Injured Yogendra Yadav, lying on the ground, pretended to be dead and was listening to conversations of the Pakistani Soldiers.

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He heard and got to know that the Pakistani Army is planning to attack a medium machine gun of India post located 500m down the hill. Yogendra immediately got alerted. Despite bleeding horribly, he kept themselves alive so that he could give a tip to his platoon.

Meanwhile, two soldiers of the enemies started firing shots at the dead soldiers to ensure if anyone is dead. A bullet hit Yogendra Yadav’s chest and he felt it was his last chance to be alive and he would have missed it.

Just a moment after firing, the Pakistani soldier moving touched his feet to Yogendra, this made a sensation and Yogendra got a hope to serve his country to his last breath.

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Yogendra Yadav quietly took out a grenade and threw it towards the troops of Pakistan who was just five feet away. The grenade landed in the hood of the jacket and the explosion finished him before he could get to know what happened.

17 Bullets Shot but still tossed a Grenade & captured Tiger Hill in Kargil War- Paramveer Chakra.
image source: Making India

Yadav, crawling towards his gun, picked up the rifle and started firing. He fired from various sides so that the enemy would feel that there is more than one soldier. His idea succeeded as a result of the Pakistani soldier, fled from the place assuming that Indian Army soldiers had arrived.

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Soon, after he went to his dead friends and cried a lot for what was happening. After this, he crawled his broken arm near a rivulet and landed in a pit. There he saw some soldiers of Indian Army, who took him to the Commanding officer, Colonel Kushal Chand Thakur. He told everything to the commanding officer and fainted after giving important information to his officers.

17 Bullets Shot but still tossed a Grenade & captured Tiger Hill in Kargil War- Paramveer Chakra.
Image source: Live Uttar Pradesh

He was back to life after 3 days in a hospital in Srinagar. By that Indian Army successfully captured Tiger Hill without losing any lives.

In August 1999 Yogendra Yadav was awarded Paramveer Chakra, India’s highest decoration for a soldier. On 26th January 2000, he received the award from President KR Narayan, becoming the youngest recipient of this honor.

His popular saying is…

” A soldier is like a selfless lover. He loves unconditional determination. And a soldier does not think twice before risking his life for his nation, his regiment, and his fellow soldiers. “

This brave, Soldier Subedar Major Yogendra Singh Yadav is mother INDIA always proud of.

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Salute to such soldiers of the Indian Army who work hard and risk their lives so that we are safe in our country.



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