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200 million followers on WWE Star’s Insta, Wrestler made after being fired from football

The number of Instagram followers of WWE superstar and Hollywood actor Dwayne Johnson has crossed 200 million (200 million). Known as The Rock in the world of wrestling, Dwayne Johnson became the most followed WWE Wrestler on Instagram. The Rock has expressed the joy of crossing 200 million followers on Instagram. He has posted the video.

The Rock has thanked all his fans through a video posted on Instagram. Along with this, some things have also been told about his journey. The Rock is number one (male) in the US following on Instagram. He is the first number of American celebrities (men) to be followed worldwide on Instagram. The biggest followers on Instagram are Yuvantas star footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo has around 240 million followers. He is followed by Ariana Grande. Ariana, born in Florida, USA, has 203 million followers on Instagram.

The Rock wrote in the caption of the video, ‘Thank you for giving me a place, to tell the truth. I promise that I will always try to tell my truth with dignity, respect, kindness, and gratitude. The effect of telling my truth is that I have 200 million followers on Instagram. There are over 300 million followers across all platforms. I have officially become the most followed American and the most followed American in the world. However, the most important thing is that I am the number one father at home.

Dwayne Johnson, who entered Hollywood from the world of wrestling, is also known for his acting style and superb body. However, few people would know about Dwayne that he became a wrestler due to depression. Dwayne himself told this in an interview in Oprah Winfrey’s program ‘On’. The Rock said that when he was about 20 years old, the American football team played for the Calgary Stampeders. He was playing for four years, but suddenly one day he was removed from the team. He then went into depression.

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Here’s what I’ve learned these past few weeks and maybe, you can find value in this take away and apply it to your own life. Always speak your truth. And when you do speak your truth – do your best to speak with dignity, compassion, respect, poise and empathy. Even when the conversations get uncomfortable – when you approach with respect and care – on the other side of discomfort – is clarity and progress. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for giving me the space to speak my truth. You have my word, I’ll always do my best to speak my truth with dignity, respect, empathy and GRATITUDE. That’s my lesson I’ve learned. And the result of speaking my truth is I was just informed, I’ve surged past and blown by 200 MILLION FOLLOWERS on Instagram and over 300 MILLION FOLLOWERS across all platforms – officially becoming / The 1 followed man in America. The 1 followed American man in the world. And most importantly, the # 1 daddy at home. Love you guys, I always got your back and let’s keep rockin ‘speakyourtruth dignityrespectgratitude thatsoursuperpower

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The Rock had told, ‘My coach asked me to join the team again after six weeks, but I refused. Then my father said that I am making the biggest career mistake. However, he probably proved to be the best for me, because wrestling came into my life only after being fired from the football team. The Rock has many fans in Bollywood. One of these names is Varun Dhawan. Varun Dhawan has expressed his love for The Rock several times.

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