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25th June 1975 Midnight what happened?? 43-year Emergency!!

Today was the day (25th of June 1975) 43 years back when the emergency was declared at midnight on the 25th of June 1975. This day is called a black chapter in Indian politics. The emergency was from 25 June 1975 to 21 March 1977.

Our former President Fakhrauddin Ali Ahmed in the leadership of our former prime minister Indira Gandhi proposed the emergency which was against the IPC 352.

It is the most controversial topic in independent India. Elections were canceled during the emergency. It is called as the most controversial time of independent India. On the 26 June means the next day of the emergency declared the nation heard the voice of Indira Gandhi letting to know about the emergency imposed on them. There can be many reasons as said by the experts, In which the main reason can be the verdict of the Allahabad high court on 12 June 1975 against Indira Gandhi.

Emergency 1975
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Highcourt verdict was the reason for Emergency??

It is said that the main beam of Emergency was set on 12 June 1975. This was the day when Allahabad high court found that Prime minister Indira Gandhi was found guilty in case of using the government machinery in the elections in are barely & her election was dismissed. Not even this Indira Gandhi was prohibited for 6 years to be in any elections.

21 threatening months of Emergency??

After the defeat in the election by Raj Narayan in 1971 in raebarely the case was filed against the Indira Gandhi. Justice Jagmohanlal Sinha gave the decision & even after that supreme court also stayed with the decision on 24 th June 1975, But Indira was allowed to be Prime minister for some time. From the very next day, Jayaprakash Narayan started the movement for asking the resignation of Indira Gandhi. Everywhere in India, the movement & protest started for the resignation of the Indira, But Indira was not in a mood to leave the chair of Prime minister so easily.

On the midnight of 25th June Indira Gandhi with the signature of Former president of India Fakhrauddin Ali Ahmed, the emergency was declared.

The whole opposition became together in the leadership of Jayaprakash Narayan. The whole nation was full & burning with anger. Atal Bihari Bajpai, Lal Krishna Advani, Mulayam Singh Yadav & all the other leaders of oppositions were sent to the jail.

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