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These 5 Nokia phones should be in a lot of change in their time

At present, one to one smartphone is available in the country’s mobile market in an initial budget of Rs. 5 thousand. But 15 years ago today it used to be just a dream. There was a company in the country to fulfill it, Nokia.

Nokia It was a company whose every phone had its own specialty and due to the same feature or feature, not only that phone was sold but it also remained a topic of discussion among the people. Today we are telling you the stories related to the same five phones of Nokia.

Nokia 1100: This Nokia phone was one of the company’s early phones, which was well-liked for its snake game. Or simply put, this phone was a fun gaming phone of that time. Apart from this, it was also known for excellent battery backup. Because its battery lasted for at least 4 days on normal use.

Nokia 2610: The Nokia 2610 was the company’s first phone, in which you could enjoy the radio without putting on the earpiece. Due to the quality of this phone, people started using this phone as a home radio too. This phone was also one of the very popular phones of Nokia.

Nokia 6600: Nokia 6600 was a multimedia phone with a unique style of the company, but this phone came in discussion due to the DPS MMS scandal across the country. After which there was a tremendous sale of this phone. In this phone, the company had given a 2-megapixel camera, this phone has always been on top of Nokia’s best selling phone.

Nokia N92: Nokia’s N series is also quite popular in the country, in which a special name is Nokia N92. This phone was the company’s first phone that you could fold from multiple angles and use it as a video camera. The company had given a 2-megapixel camera in this phone. The success that this phone got was due to its multi-angle use.

Nokia 5310: When Nokia launched this phone keeping in mind the choice of the people with the basic phone. Music lovers took this phone in their hands and this phone became a popular phone in India. The company had given surround sound with dual speakers in this multimedia phone, whose experience was very special.

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