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Worklife will now be in balance, this mouse will not come in case of overtime, know full news

Samsung Balance Mouse to Balance Work-life: Samsung brand is known for its smartphones and electronics products and it is quite a popular brand. Nowadays Samsung is in discussion about its unique design computer mouse. A special feature has been added to this Samsung mouse. Actually this mouse is specially designed with the intention of mapping overtime work and balancing overworking. This mouse looks just like a normal mouse in appearance. The time is fixed in this mouse, after which it stops the user from working, for this it itself gets out of the hands of the users. Let’s know more about this mouse in detail..

samsung balance mouse concept

The Samsung company uploaded the video of the balance mouse as a concept on its Korean YouTube channel. Let us tell you that Balance Mouse is not yet available for sale in the market. It is being said that to balance the work life in Korea, the concept of this balance mouse has been brought, which has been made by Samsung company in collaboration with an ad agency. While elaborating the concept a bit, it has been said in that video that nowadays people working in the office are busy with work and overwork. There is pressure on them to complete the work, that is why they start overwork. To get rid of this problem, the company has created Balance Mouse.

This is how balance mouse works

According to the Samsung company, it will look exactly like a normal mouse, but it will not actually work like a normal mouse. This will prevent office workers from working excessively. For this, whenever an employee starts doing overtime, its overtime feature will be activated. This mouse notices the movement of the hand and as soon as it is overtime, it moves away from the hand using its wheel. Not only this, if someone tries to catch this mouse forcefully, then its main part comes out and it stops working completely.

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