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Do all government office work from your Smartphone, download this app today

Useful Government Apps: Whenever we do any government work, we come under great tension. The reason is that a lot of time is required to get the government works done because there is a lot of crowd in government offices, due to which the work gets done slowly. This becomes a big problem when you are short on time and your government work is stalled or it is taking time to complete them.

In today’s digital world, the world has not only advanced, but there has also been a great relief in getting government works done. There was a time when government offices had to be visited for small government works, but in today’s time, the government has also moved ahead and many apps have been made for government work. Through these apps, you can do some of your work from your smartphones. For this, all you have to do is download the government app on your smartphone. Let’s know about some such government apps.

MyGov App

MyGov App has been started from 2014. Through this app you can directly connect with the government. Through this app, you can find out about all the schemes run by the government and can also get complete information about their benefits. Because of this app, you can complete many of your government works as well as send your suggestions to the government. This app is very popular and it is also very useful for the people.


All government works related to Road Transport and Vehicle Department can be easily completed through mParivahan app. Many things can be done through this app; Such as vehicle registration date, making driving license, vehicle class, registration authority, vehicle age, fitness validity,
Insurance validity etc.

mPassport Service

The mPassport Seva app is used to get a passport in India and to avail various services related to passport. This app is very useful for the users. Through this you can complete many of your government works and get information about many things. Let us tell you that apart from carrying out many tasks, you can also apply for your passport online with this app.

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