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Tired of Gmail Spam Emails? Now you can stop them, know the tips

Spam Emails : Today more than 150 crore people use Gmail to send email. Whether it is personal or business emails, people have started giving priority to Gmail itself. Along with this, hackers are also seen a lot on Gmail and due to this, cases of online fraud have started coming to the fore. These hackers hack data from Gmail through spam emails and phishing websites.

unsubscribe email

You can unsubscribe such emails which are not of your use or emails in which you are not interested. This will stop you from receiving useless and unreasonable emails.

To unsubscribe the email, select the spam email and after that you will get an option on the side of delete, which is Report Spam and Unsubscribe, you press this option. As a result of this, emails will stop coming to your account from this ID.

Use of Filter for Spam Email

Gmail also has a filter option that you can use to search for spam emails and remove emails. Let us tell you that to use this option, you have to go to the search box of Gmail and type unsubscribe. This will ensure that all unsubscribe and spam emails will be visible on the screen. Now here after selecting all the emails, click on More and select the Filter message like these option. Here you will also get the option to delete emails.

use two email accounts

A great way to avoid hackers and online fraud is to use two email accounts. Use your first email id for official work, smartphone and banks etc., while use the second email id for activities like visiting a website, shopping online or booking tickets. With this you will be able to avoid spam emails to your first email id.

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