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Audio level will be set by scanning the ear, know what is this time in Apple’s newly launched AirPods Pro

Amazon Deal On Apple AirPods 2: Recently Apple has also launched Apple AirPods 2 along with iPhone 14 and Smart Watch. The price of these Airpods is 26,900 but there is an instant discount of 2,500 on pre-booking with HDFC Bank card. These Airpods will be available from 23 September. It has a faster H2 chip than the previous model and the battery can also last for 30 hours. You can also charge them with a wireless charger or Apple Watch charger. For audio, it has Adaptive ANC and Personalized Spatial Audio which levels the audio according to the fit of your ear. Know all the features of these Airpods in detail

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What’s special about Apple AirPods Pro 2?

  • It has Active Noise Cancellation Technology, which does not bring background noise at all. Also, they have Adaptive Transparency Technology, so that if you want to hear background noise, then it starts coming automatically and if you want to increase more noise, you can turn off the outside sound.
  • These AirPods have Personalized Spatial(Special) audio technology that allows you to scan your ear and set the audio level that fits with your ear. This is an audio enhancement technology in which the audio level will be according to the ear and at the same time if you are gaming then that kind of audio will come, if you are listening to music then you will get a different type of audio.
  • There are 4 silicone tips for ear comfort in which there are small, medium, extra small and large sizes which fit in every ear.
  • It is also very easy to adjust the audio of these AirPods and also you can turn them on and off with just touch. These AirPods also have great HD audio and bass
  • The battery lasts for 30 hours on a single charge. They also have the feature of wireless charging. You can also charge them with the charger of Apple Watch.
  • It turns on and connects automatically. Quick SIRI connection and easily connects to other Apple devices.

Amazon Deal On Apple AirPods Pro 2

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