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A Chinese ship which entered the Indian Ocean region returned after constant surveillance of the Indian Navy

New Delhi: A Chinese Yuan Wang-class research vessel entered the Indian Ocean region from the Malacca Strait last month. It was continuously tracked by Indian Navy warships stationed in the area. The ship returned to China a few days ago after being constantly under surveillance of Indian Navy ships.

Let us know that earlier sources had informed that the Indian Navy has deployed a large number of frontline warships and submarines in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) so that China can be monitored.

Mallaka Strait is China’s ‘sore throat’

The Mallaka Strait is in the Indian Ocean and most of China’s trade is through this waterway. China is always afraid of the fact that if tensions with India continue to increase like this, then India should not stop this path. If India does this then it will be a big blow for China. In 2003, the then Chinese President Hu Jintao had expressed his concern about this sea route. They called it the Malacca dilemma.

About 80 percent of China’s oil supplies are from this Malacca Strait route. If India stops this route, then Chinese ships will have to choose a long way and it will be a huge economic burden for China. According to an estimate, if this route is closed and the ship of China chooses a long way, then China may face economic losses ranging from 84 billion to 200 billion dollars in a year.

China knows this weakness well and tries to find an alternative. China wants to build Thailand with the Isthmus Canal, also known as the Thai Canal.



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