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After Corona, the world has started hating China, in the survey of 14 big countries, there was talk

China’s image is becoming negative among the people of economically democratic countries, especially Australia and Britain. This was revealed in a survey by the Pew Research Center. China has been embroiled in business and diplomatic disputes with many of its neighbors and other countries and is taking an aggressive stance. The results of the survey were released on Tuesday.

The survey was conducted between June 10 and August 3 in 14 democratic countries with advanced economies. In this, 14,276 adults from 14 countries were interviewed via telephone. Most of the people participating in the survey have a negative opinion of China. 81 percent of the people surveyed have negative views of China. Last year the number was 24 percent.

In fact, after the Coronavirus epidemic, Australia sought an investigation into the emergence of the virus in China, which has led to tensions in bilateral relations between the two countries. At the same time, trade tensions between the two countries are also going on.

The survey has been conducted in the US, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Britain, Australia, Japan, and South Korea. One of the main reasons behind the negative attitude towards China is the coronavirus and most people do not agree on how to deal with the Chinese virus. At the same time, this survey also revealed that Trump’s image is also very bad and 83 percent of people say that they do not believe him.

On the other hand, the treatment of minorities in China has been criticized by around 40 countries and expressed serious concern over the impact on human rights of its new national security law in Hong Kong. These countries are mostly western countries and they have questioned the treatment of minority communities especially in Xinjiang and Tibet.

The US, several European countries, Japan, and others called on China to allow ‘independent access’ to Xinjiang for independent observers, including UN Human Rights Chief Michel Bachelet, and to ban the detention of Uygurs and other minority communities. Also said

In a joint statement at a meeting of the General Assembly’s Human Rights Committee, 39 countries urged China to ‘uphold autonomy, rights, and freedoms in Hong Kong and respect the independence of Hong Kong’s judiciary’. This statement of these countries was read by Germany’s Ambassador to the United Nations Christoph Hessen. Soon after, Pakistan read a statement on behalf of 55 countries, protesting against interfering in China’s affairs.

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