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AIIMS report revealed: Sushant’s viscera was not poisoned, questions raised on the post-mortem report

In the Sushant Singh Rajput case, the SSR’s Viscera report of AIIMS was waiting. Now the news is coming out that the AIIMS report has revealed that no poison has been found in Sushant’s viscera. According to the information, Cooper Hospital has not been given a clean chit in this report of AIIMS. After the death, Sushant’s body was taken to Cooper Hospital in Mumbai. Sushant’s post-mortem report had said that Sushant died due to suffocation and that no poison was found in Sushant’s body.

The forensic team submitted the report to the CBI late on Monday night. AIIMS report said Cooper Hospital did not mention the timing in the post-mortem report. Dr. Sudhir Gupta, chairman of the medical team said that some more legal angles will have to be seen for the final report. It is clear from the AIIMS report that no foul play has been reported in Sushant’s death. It was being said by the family that Sushant Singh’s death was not suicide but murder.

A few days ago, the lawyer for Sushant’s family also said that after seeing some pictures of Sushant’s body, an AIIMS doctor said at the same time that it was 200% murder. But now the AIIMS report has revealed that Sushant’s death is not due to any poison.

Aaj Tak had reported in one of its reports that out of the viscera collected by Sushant Singh Rajput by the Mumbai Police, 80 percent has been used for investigation while 20 percent is safe in Kalina Lab. In such a situation, questions were raised whether the mystery of the death of the actor would be revealed through the remaining viscera.

Earlier, Subramanian Swamy also tweeted that ‘the fiendish mentality of the killers is slowly coming to the fore. The autopsy was deliberately delayed so that the poison dissolves in Sushant Singh Rajput’s stomach. Now the time has come to arrest those who are responsible for this.

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