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Air India plane slipped & crashed in Kerala…

Air India aircraft crashed in Kerala international airport. Air India Express flight lX 1344 operated by Boeing 737 aircraft from Dubai to Calicut crashed in the runway and broke in two parts.

Aircraft had 184 passengers and 6 crew members and 1 pilot and 1 co-pilot. 19 people died in this accident including pilot and co-pilot.

Evacuation operation still in process.

All passengers are rescued and sent to the hospital. Some passengers are seriously injured. The number of dead people might go up because some passengers had severe injuries.

Because of heavy rain for the last two-three days, the runway of the airport became slippery, because of that aircraft slipped in the runway and broke in two parts.

This is one of the devastating news of 2020. This tragedy did at Karipur airport in Kozhikode Kerala. Twenty four ambulance and fire tenders have come to the airport. Two teams of NDRF arrived at the airport.

Those passengers have a minor injury, provided first aid, and shift to the nearby hospitals. According to the report, aircraft had 10 children.

The plane broke into three pieces after landing on the airport and at the time of landing, it was raining heavily and aircraft didn’t land properly.

Air India plane Slipped & crashed from Table Top runway...
image source: Onmanorama

Chief Minister tweeted, he has instructed the police and fire force to take action, have also directed officials to make necessary arrangements of rescue and medical treatment in Kozhikode Kerala airport. The DGCA also gave the information about the crash of the plane by tweeting & wrote a plane of Air India crashed on the runway after slipping on the runway.

It slipped & hit the wall of the runway & fall into 35 feet deep. The plane broke into 2 parts. The pilot died in the incident. The pilot was very experienced & has a tested pilot for the airforce.

There may be some more people who may be stuck in the plane. 19 people died till now & many more are critical & are been admitted to the hospitals.

According to the stating sources the plane was stuck in the bad weather condition by which the pilot had taken once Go around. While approaching again the runway his speed didn’t reduce & this crash happened.


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