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Aishwarya Rai used to cry day and night due to Manisha Koirala, allegations were made on Miss World

Bollywood’s famous actress Aishwarya Rai is always in the discussion about her acting as well as her style. She has also been a top actress of Bollywood along with Miss World. But at times Aishwarya Rai has been in the headlines for her personal life beyond her career. There was a rumor once about Aishwarya Rai that Rajiv Moolchandani dumped Miss World for actress Manisha Koirala. The actress was so upset by this news that she used to cry day and night. Not only this, he accused Manisha Koirala that she sees new boys every other month.

According to the film beat, in 1999, a magazine published a story about Aishwarya Rai, in which the actress talked about Manisha Koirala and Rajiv Moolchandani. In the interview, Aishwarya Rai had said, “In early 1994, a leading magazine published the news that Rajiv dumped me for Manisha. At that time, I called Rajiv and asked him about all these things. Rajiv was my good friend and nothing more than that. “

Aishwarya Rai further said, “I told her that I don’t want to be tied between her and Manisha’s love story.” Two months later, they did not even meet each other. Manisha was also seeing new boys every other month. ” She added, “Time passed and during 1995 I came to India as Miss World. At that time, I saw the film ‘Bombay’ and I told Rajiv that she was very good in the film and I am planning to give her a bouquet. “

Aishwarya Rai told that Rajiv started laughing after listening to me and he told me that Manisha Koirala is claiming that she has found love letters written by Rajiv for me. The actress told, “I couldn’t believe it. If there was so much truth in this matter, then why did this thing not come to light in July? ”

Aishwarya Rai told in the interview that the issue related to Manisha Koirala had made her so upset that she used to cry for months. He said, “I never wanted to be stuck with anyone. Today, it has been four years since this case, but even then, she keeps bringing the issue in the middle. This proves that these things are not due to any relationship but to some other reason. ” With this, Aishwarya Rai said that despite all these things, I do not have any bitterness in my heart for Manisha Koirala.

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