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AKTU students have to evacuate their hostels…

In the Corona pandemic, one of the most affected streams in the world is Education. The Education sector has gone on a full stop.

In India, all the educational institutions are being closed from March. It’s is 6 months till now that no institution has been resumed again.

But the reality is that we can’t stop life & sit in our homes. Now as the government is also opening all the sectors. Either it would be Gym, Malls, Markets, Night curfew, traveling. So in the queue, the education sector also needed to take care of it.

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Mostly states have promoted their students to next year but final year students cant be promoted. As final year students have to submit there projects & practicals which is there lifetime achievement. So the conduction of exams of Final years is to be done.

AKTU has decided to conduct the end semester exams of final year students in September month. AKTU has already started its conduction of practical exams online. The online practice exams will be completed by the 20th of August.

AKTU students have to evacuate their hostels...
AKTU students have to evacuate their hostels…

For Final Year Students…

Later on next month AKTU has scheduled the final exams for the students. To conduct the exam guidelines have been issued in which students need to reach a few days before the exam.

There will be no external exam center, the exam will be conducted in the college campus of the students. Students have to stay in the college hostels. Proper social distancing will be maintained in the hostels.

But still,

After all these precautions there is a big question mark. Is every student can be able to their college?

Train & Bus are still not regular so students can travel to there college?

Some students are in hotspot zone or contaminated zone so making them travel is safe?

Keeping all the students in the same hostel is safe?

what if students get infected with the virus but he will not inform others in fear of stopping him from giving the exams?.

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Notice to the college hostlers…

From last weak, a notice is being sent to the hostelers students saying to evacuate the hostel before a specified date. Some colleges are asking for the keys of the rooms of the hostel by courier so that the college administration can empty the rooms.

The evacuation of the hostel rooms is done for the final year students. But here also a big question is how safe is it to go to college hostel & evacuate the room in the current pandemic.

If a student sends the key of his room then who will the responsible for if any of his things get misplaced.

There are many such questions on the conduction of the exam of final year students. But we need to see how the students & administration manage in these problems.


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