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Alia got trolled for talking to Anurag Kashyap on sex, pregnancy – Shame on your father!

Alia Kashyap Has disclosed the objectionable reaction received on the videos made with his father. He has told that people who had objections to his conversation on sex, pregnancy, drugs have sent him a lot of hateful comments. Alia has received messages telling her that she should be ashamed of having such conversations with her father.

Alia Kashyap had shot a video with Anurag Kashyap only last month in which she was seen asking strange questions sent by her fans to her father. Alia had asked her father a pre-marital sex question in the video. He also asked how he would react if someone told him that his daughter was pregnant.

She was trolled by some people on this video of Alia, about which Alia has now told. He said, ‘I have received many such messages in which people are saying that it is great to see such a progressive parent. People hesitate to openly talk to their parents and through us, they want to know the answers to these questions.

At the same time, Alia told that there is another side to it where she had to listen to taunts. He told, ‘See the comments of the video I made with my father… I don’t know how people have come to my channel… full of hate. Because I made a video on sex, pregnancy, drugsā€¦ he said how can you talk to your father like this? You should feel ashame.’

The father-daughter relationship between Alia and Anurag Kashyap is very sweet. When Anurag Kashyap returned from the hospital a few months back Alia shared her first picture And during that time he took full care of his father.

Last year, Alia also spoke on the allegations of Me Too against Anurag Kashyap. He had said during that time, ‘It bothered me a lot. They were called wrong which made me very sad. People think he is not a good man but whoever is close to me, you ask him, he will tell that he is the best person.

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