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When will the day come when PM Modi …? Congress spokesperson asked questions, Sambit Patra started smiling

In a live debate of News18 India, anchor Amish Devgan posed a question to the Congress leader. Amish Devgan asked Congress spokesperson Supriya Srinet that do you think there is no democracy in India? Because within these elections, Madame Gandhi or Mr. Rahul Gandhi has won both these elections. Both are members of the Lok Sabha, due to the process of this democracy, your government has been formed. Inside Chhattisgarh, inside Rajasthan, and inside Punjab? Responding to this, Congress spokesperson Supriya Srinet on Rahul Gandhi’s statement accused the BJP of politics.

Supriya Sreenet says in the live debate- ‘I am not asking as a spokesperson of the Congress party right now- being the people of this country, I want to ask when the day will come when Prime Minister Modi will be a Will press conference, interview without a script? Some will answer such questions which may be difficult and troublesome for the people. Will you do some un-easy things? ‘

Shrinet further asked- ‘That day probably will not come, that will only remain there because Modi Ji does script interviews. Speak read on TP. They do not face questions at all. Let’s talk about peacocks. It is our right to expect from the Prime Minister. Electoral atrocity is a word, Rahul Gandhi talked about it, yes yes elections are going on in this country, we do not have any problem in that democracy.

Congress spokesperson further said- ‘The problem is how democracy is being suppressed in the country today. Today in this country, journalists, students, activists have to go to jail for condemning the government. Countries are also charged with rebellion. Today, when the Leader of the Opposition speaks in this country, then his speaker is turned off. When the Opposition stands up and says that we are not being shown on TV, the Speaker of the Lok Sabha reverses and asks – should we show your ruckus?

He further asked- ‘Is it democracy to demolish elected governments and buy-and-kill, which is also called the new term Chanakya policy? It is immoral, a sin in every way. My biggest question is whether even after 112 days, leaving your farmers to die, and not saying a word, is it right? ‘

Hearing these questions of Supriya, BJP leader, and spokesperson Sambit Patra reacted in the midst of the live debate and he smiled.

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