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Anupam Kher old tweet went viral amid rising petrol prices, Congress was taunted

The general public is facing problems due to the increased prices of petrol across the country. The price of petrol has increased to a record level where it is being sold at Rs 105 per liter in many places. Diesel has also become around Rs 100 per liter. On social media, people are targeting the government for the rising prices of petrol and diesel. People are also targeting those celebrities who spoke openly on rising petrol prices during the Congress regime but shy away from speaking in the BJP government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Meanwhile, an old tweet of actor Anupam Kher is going viral in which he took a dig at the Congress government over the rising oil prices.

Anupam Kher targeted the Congress government through his driver’s story. In his tweet on 14 October 2012, Anupam Kher wrote, ‘I asked my driver why did you come late? Said, Sir, I have come by bicycle. What happened to your motorcycle? His answer- Sir, have kept him for showpiece at home.

On this tweet of Anupam Kher, Twitter users are trolling him a lot. Ravish Kumar tweeted from the parody account, ‘Where are you, Anupam Ji? Now you must have come by driver chartered plane because now you will not be getting 100 rupees liter petrol from Modi government but 30 rupees liter petrol from Ramdev. Why are you keeping quiet, sir, or have you started cycling now?’

A user named Piyush Tiwari asked Anupam Kher, ‘Your driver is still late or has he adopted a 56-inch chested lion?’ A user by the name Jumlebaz, questioning Anupam Kher on his silence, wrote, ‘What happened now? Why doesn’t the driver tighten now? Understood. Earlier petrol was 60 rupees a liter then it was expensive and now it became cheaper, only 100 rupees per liter. ‘

A user named Yash asked both Akshay Kumar and Anupam Kher, ‘Now how does your driver come to your house? Now the price of petrol is higher than before. I would also like to ask the same question to Akshay Kumar.

A user named Nikhil Saigal asked Anupam Kher for the answer, ‘Sir, have you kept the driver or you have to leave?’ He must have complained about petrol even today. You just can’t hear.

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