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These five features of Apple iPhone 14 and iOS 16 are already used by Android users

Apple iPhone New Features: Apple constantly keeps adding new features to its iPhone, but still it lags far behind Android in terms of adding features. This is the reason that whenever Apple brings updates or new features to its iPhone software, those features are already present in Android.

Recently Apple company has launched its iPhone 14 series with which iOS 16 version was also rolled out. With this version, Apple has added a lot of features to the iPhone software, but Android already provides these features in its smartphone. Let’s know about these features..

Lock Screen Widget

Apple is also going to add support for the lock screen widget to the iPhone through the version of iOS 16. This feature has been added to Android since 2012. Along with this, some third-party apps also provide the option to add a lock screen widget.

Autofocusing Front Camera

The auto-focusing feature in the front camera has been there in Android for many years, which was introduced in the year 2018 at the time of the Pixel 3XL and this feature is present in Samsung’s smartphones even many years before that. Apple has added this feature to the iPhone with its iOS 16 version.

Always-on Display

With the iOS 16 version, Apple has brought the feature of Always On Display. It will happen that even if your screen is turned off, then some pixels of the display remains active, due to which we see time and important things on the screen. This uses less battery. But Samsung first gave this feature to its users in the year 2016 with its Galaxy S7 smartphone.

Action Mode/ Image Stabilization

Apple has brought the feature of Action Mode with its iPhone 14 series, which is used that the user can shoot stable video with this feature. But this feature has already been given in Samsung and other flagship Android smartphones, but in one Vivo smartphone, it has been in-built till the gimbal.

Crash Detection

Apple with its iOS 16 version has introduced a crash detection feature in the iPhone which gives you the option to set SOS in case of emergency. But this feature was first introduced with the Google Pixel lineup, in which Google has made this feature a part of the Personal Security App.

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