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Arnab Goswami or Tandava, who is more dangerous? -Director asked questions, received such answers

Hansal Mehta: Bollywood director Hansal Mehta posted three questions from the social media user by posting from his Twitter account. In his question, the filmmaker asked Arnab and Tandava? Which is the most dangerous of the two? Next question he asked- Rahul Kanwal or Abhishek Banerjee? Which is the most dangerous? And in the third question, he asked – Deep Sidhu or Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub?

People’s reactions started coming on this. Users started commenting by commenting – Arnab’s orgy. So someone said – Sir Arnab keeps doing Tandava all the time. One said – Tandava is harmless but Arnab…. A comment came out from an account named incomplete row – as a responsible person, you keep doing your work, sir. Today, most of the audience of yesterday has become very small and cheap. I have felt this many times.

A female user named Dedita Das asked which Abhishek Banerjee are you talking about – Mamata Banerjee’s nephew or actor? Meanwhile, most people took the name of Rahul Kanwal. On the Comprehension of Deep Sidhu and Zeeshan, people started saying – oh what is this comparison? So one user said in a funny way – at least don’t do this with Zeeshan, a better person for two comparisons. One user said – Off Corse Zeeshan, did not see No One Killed Jessica?

A user named Nadan Parinde wrote – I think both are very harmful – both Zeeshan and Deep. So at the same time, the account user named Om said – Both are responsible for the riots. One said- I think you have given too much importance to Zeeshan Job.

One user said – Tandava is describing the politics going on today, so it is being opposed. Tandava is the best series so far, which is made in the political genre. In such a situation, I will take the name of Arnab.

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