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What is the disease of speech? – Arnab Goswami screaming amid live debate on Rakesh Tikait

Farmers from across the country are still agitating on the Delhi border. In such a situation, farmers have announced to take out the tractor parade parallel to the Republic Day parade on 26 January. The Supreme Court has temporarily stayed the agricultural laws in the case. Despite this, its farmers are still sitting on the border. Arnab Goswami’s show on the Republic of India was seen to be sharper. During the debate in India, Arnab Goswami badly biffed on farmer leader Rakesh Tikait.

Arnab Goswami says in the debate- Rakesh Tikait Ji I have a question for you. What happened, I was told that now the Canadian ministers came from Canada, not from Surat, not from Guwahati, from Canada, not from Calcutta, from Canada. Hey brother, what is happening in India? Is it true that Canadian ministers came and sat there? Will our ministers also go and demonstrate in Canada? These people eat their mouths in a direct fight with Narendra Modi. Tell me how the leader of Canada came here? How dare he? Tell me who is that?

Rakesh Tikait says on this – Sun has become a lawyer. Hey, speak, is there a disease to speak? Arnab speaks furiously- not a sickness but a habit. That’s why Rakesh Tikait says- Hey, if you have asked me, I will tell you, let me speak. First, the BJP government has been very weak. He brought the Prime Minister to the fore on every issue, the Prime Minister had to save them. The Prime Minister’s advice on his advisory committee is wrong – he calls the wrong thing.

He further says – Brother, why do you make the Prime Minister make false statements? Such an image of the Prime Minister of a country is bad. He is not the Prime Minister of the BJP, he is the Prime Minister of the country. You made him do two or three things wrong. First Swaminathan committee report was implemented, then it did not apply, then brother, do not give such documents to them. It is a shame that you call the Prime Minister of our country a lie.

Targeting the concerned Patra, he further says – you argue, take the paper. Hey, what do we mean by a Canadian minister, a Canadian would have come. The ministers of our country must have become weak. They belong to Punjab, they must have come. Ban them, but stop them. Arnab shouts angrily at this – Hey, why did foreigners enter? Yes, it is banned Why should we allow the Canadian to enter, it is within us. On this Tikait says- You guys have ruined the channels. People like you have lost credibility in the country.

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