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Mamta Banerjee makes provocative statements, BJP leaders speak in anger; Arnab questions TMC leader

TMC spokesperson Manav Jaiswal and BJP spokesperson Sanju Verma witnessed a tough competition in the live debate of Republic India. The Election Commission has imposed a 24-hour ban on Mamata Banerjee, on which TMC leaders were seen to be furious, while the BJP spokesperson declared this ban to be true.

Arnab Goswami tells in the debate that – Manav Jaiswal ji, this is big news. I have received this news because they said that besiege the CRPF. Because they said that siege of central security forces. Then we said that the wrong thing was said. All these things increase violence.

On this, TMC leaders say that I do not know what is causing this ban. The rest of the comments that you have made about the allegations have been taken upside down. On this, Arnab says, then you apologize. TMC leader says- What should be the apology? It was said that if the vote is not allowed, then besiege and apologize for it?

Arnab says that you said to gather all the Muslims and vote for us, so apologize. On this, Manav Jaiswal says yes, we said that let us vote.

Furious at this, BJP leader Sanju Verma says that – you said that as many women as possible, you should surround the CRPF and do not allow polling at the polling booth. The Chief Election Commission has avoided this. You also said that all Muslims should vote in unison. So that BJP cannot win. You have blamed the CRPF outside the bar. You blamed the BSF. You have blamed the Central Security Force. Therefore, the ban imposed on Mamta Banerjee is a very correct, strict, and wonderful step. Because Mamata Banerjee is making openly inflammatory statements.

Hearing these things, TMC leaders say – Shoot the BJP’s slogan. So shoot the bullet. Arnab Goswami reacts to this and asks the TMC leader? What do you mean shoot? BJP leader said- Didi o Didi does not do politics of appeasement.

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