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If the police get the poles, then it will tell that there is a job in Tikait ..- Suspected suspect caught, said filmmaker

The farmers, who are protesting against the three agricultural laws of the central government, are going to take out a tractor rally on January 26 but so far they have not got permission from Delhi Police. Meanwhile, the farmers have caught a suspect and a big conspiracy has been revealed. The suspected 4 farmer leaders are allegedly involved in a conspiracy to shoot on 26 January on the occasion of something wrong.

The suspect has allegedly named a police officer of Rai police station in Sonepat and says that the officer has conspired to shoot four farmer leaders who were sitting on the dais on January 26 when something went wrong. Many people are reacting after this conspiracy came to the fore. Bollywood filmmaker Ashok Pandit also gave his opinion on this and alleged that the suspect was related to farmer leader Rakesh Tikait.

He wrote on his Twitter, “If two poles of the police fall, then Buck will tell that I work with Tikait.” People are divided on this tweet of Ashok Pandit. But most people seem to support him. A user named Ashok Sharma wrote, ‘Farmers who have caught should be in the crime branch. Caught so easily. ‘

A user named Professor Doctor Ram writes, ‘Such a dreaded criminal who came to shoot the farmers, how much the farmers made him sit in the middle of the press conference and beat him, did not even beat him, and even covered his face with a mask. There seems to be some blackness in the pulses, why did they show love to him?

Rajesh Jaiswal wrote, ‘Honorable Supreme Court, taking cognizance, order the Delhi Police to conduct narco test in front of the whole country and their political masters. These people are blind in their political selfishness and are trying to tarnish the atmosphere of the country and the image of Modi Ji by creating a situation of civil war in the country.

A user named Kang wrote, “Friends, do something to this poor human being and the devotees of the BJP, these cow dung devotees spew poisons all day about the peasant brothers.”

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