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Part of the corruption system … Bajpayee targeted Modi government over Rafale deal

Senior journalist Punya Prasun Bajpai is very active on social media and keeps his views on all current issues. The latest case is related to Rafael Deal. Taking up the matter, he described the Modi government as a circle and corruption as part of the system. In his post, he also mentioned the Rafael Deal and the ‘recovery of hundred crores’.

Bajpai also shared a video with his post. He wrote, “When corruption becomes part of the system, Rafale deal or recovery of hundred crores, the truth will never be revealed.” In his video shared with this post, he was also seen saying a lot about PM Modi.

Reactions of all the users also started appearing on this post of Punya Prasun Bajpai. Many people appeared to support PM Modi and the central government. So some were seen agreeing with Bajpai’s words. A user named Shom Raturi wrote – ‘If you check Rafael 1000 times, the truth will come out, if there is something wrong in it, then before 2014 the robbers must have done it. Now, this batting is being done to save 100 crore people….

One user wrote in the comment – ‘There is a scam in Rafael and that too of 35000 crores. Which Rahul Gandhi had already told. And there is no scam of 100 crores, it was created to defame Thackeray Ji.

A user named Pramila wrote- “In this system, no one eats money alone, everyone eats together, eaters as well as catchers.” So the real corruption will never be caught. If caught, three-fourths of ministers, MPs, MLAs of this country will be in jail. ” -Hari Shankar Parsai.’

One user wrote – Modi ji, you were saying that you have finished the middlemen, then to which middleman of India did Dassault give one million euros in the Rafale deal?

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