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BJP leader targets PM? Said- when corona was reduced, to whom did the odorists give credit

Coronavirus cases are increasing rapidly in India. In the last 24 hours, more than 93 thousand new cases have been reported in the country. The Leader of the Opposition is constantly attacking the Central Government for this. Many leaders say that the government is not serious about the epidemic. Meanwhile, the name of BJP MP Subramanian Swamy has also been added to the leaders who have surrounded the government regarding the transition. Swamy called Modi supporters blind and devout in a tweet on Sunday.

What did Subramanian Swamy say ?: BJP MP from Rajya Sabha Subramaniam Swamy said, “In April last year, when the coronavirus cases were coming to 1 lakh daily and then fell to 10,000 in November, then to whom did the blind devotees and the odorists give it credit? Now again Corona cases have come back to close to one lakh, so who will take credit for this? “

Owners have surrounded the government regarding the Corona vaccine: Let me tell you that this is not the first time Subramanian Swamy has surrounded the Central Government on any issue related to Corona. Recently, he also targeted the government on the issue of Corona’s lack of vaccine. Swamy had said that cases of coronavirus are increasing rapidly and we are facing a shortage of vaccines. We are exporting more vaccines than used in India. So I suggest we import a Johnson & Johnson Dose vaccine. We are already importing Oxford-Astra Geneca’s Covishield from the UK, so no self-sufficient mantra will work. “

Swamy had earlier attacked the government for the safety of the vaccine. He said, “Many people have died in the country so far after applying the vaccine, most of whom have died after the introduction of the Kovishield vaccine.” A report was also sought from the NITI Aayog regarding this matter but no information has been received so far. Swamy had sent a notice to the NITI Aayog urging him to call for a reply. However, no action was taken on this.

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