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Temples in Uttarakhand under the government, but in Tamil Nadu, the BJP-free religious sites will be deregulated

On Monday, the BJP released its manifesto for the Tamil Nadu assembly elections. The BJP promised in its manifesto that if the BJP-AIDMK coalition government is formed in the state, then all Hindu temples will be freed from government control. However, in the BJP-ruled Uttarakhand, the temple is under the government. Apart from this, the manifesto also promises to restore the Legislative Council. Senior BJP leader and Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari released the party’s manifesto.

The BJP also promised to free the temples from state government control, saying, “The administration of the temples will be entrusted to a separate board of Hindu scholars and saints.” Then the BJP has been demanding that more than 30,000 temples be freed from the control of the state government and handed over to a board of saints and devotees.

The BJP released its manifesto here for the assembly elections to be held on April 6 in the state. The manifesto states that if its coalition comes to power in the state, the Legislative Council will be reinstated. It states that the Upper House of the Legislature will be restored so that experts from various fields can discuss and participate in the legislative process.

Significantly, the High House (Legislative Council) of the State Legislature was abolished decades ago. At that time MG Ramachandran, the founder of AIADMK was the Chief Minister. The DMK tried to reinstate the Legislative Council while in power in 2010, but failed to do so. The DMK has also promised to restore the Upper House in its election manifesto.

The BJP’s manifesto states that 12 lakh acres of Panchami land will be handed over to the Scheduled Castes. This land was originally given to them to improve the living conditions of the Dalits during the British rule. However, as time passed, it was captured by others. The party also promised to create 50 lakh new employment opportunities and to give free two-wheeler license to women in the age group of 18 to 23 years. Union Minister VK Singh, state BJP chief L Murugan and other senior leaders of the party were also present on the occasion of the release of the manifesto.

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