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Such language about the ruling party president? Bollywood actors got angry at Rahul Gandhi

There has been an uproar over the statement of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in which he said that who is Nadda after all? Actually, a day before, Rahul Gandhi was addressing a press conference. At the same time, when he was asked a question about BJP President JP Nadda’s statement on the agricultural laws by the Congress for the farmers, then Rahul replied that who is Nadda? And why answer them? Is she my professor? I will answer the country. “

All the leaders of the ruling BJP have retaliated on this statement of Rahul Gandhi. At the same time, Bollywood actor Ranveer Shorey has also reacted sharply to Rahul Gandhi’s comment and asked what kind of language is this by Rahul Gandhi?

Ranveer Shourie wrote in a tweet, ‘Such language for a ruling party president? Showing them a mirror. Only in India, it is possible that such a person can still remain the face of the opposition. The reaction of Ranvir Shorey, angry at Rahul Gandhi’s statement, also led to the reactions of people.

One user replied to Ranveer and wrote, ‘What is it, no one is beating or beating the house of Nani, then the children become abusive. Have just returned, let’s do what you want to do. A Sunday will tell them, it will be a matter of mind. Sanjay Mishra wrote- His sister once asked who is Smriti? These words will definitely come back to him to scare the Gandhis. When their turn comes. ‘

A comment came from an account called Power of Truth – the same is said for you nowadays in your industry. Who is this Ranvir Shorey? What does a (career stalled) actor have to do for EMI? A user wrote – The former president of the world’s fastest sinking party is asking who is the president of the world’s largest party @JPNadda? Lord, do not let their ego break.

Let me tell you that earlier JP Nadda wrote for Rahul by tweeting, “When will Rahul Gandhi, his family, and Congress stop lying on China?” Can he deny that the land he is referring to in Arunachal Pradesh, where thousands of kilometers of land was gifted to China by none other than Pandit Nehru? Why does Congress often kneel before China? ”

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