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FIR should be on them too – Bollywood director furious for calling Swara Bhaskar a habitual liar

Bollywood filmmaker Ashok Pandit got furious over a post by actress Swara Bhaskar. Swara Bhaskar had tweeted about the viral video of misbehavior with an elderly person in Ghaziabad. Seeing this post of Swara, Ashok Pandit said for the actress that – There should be an FIR against Swara Bhaskar too.

Writing against Swara in his post, Ashok Pandit said- ‘There should also be an FIR against Urban Naxal Swara Bhaskar. They tell lies and are also adept at spreading lies. Actress Swara Bhaskar posted a viral video of the old man in her tweet. Swara meanwhile looked furious and wrote in her post – ‘RW and Sanghi are constantly vomiting on my timeline. Because the Ghaziabad Police has taken the names of 3 Muslim people. The main accused is Parvesh Gujjar. The person who is seen in the camera is putting emphasis on the old man. # Jayshree Ram to speak. My god, this is a very wrong creation. I am ashamed.’

What was the real matter? Actually, this video was going viral on Twitter saying that the elderly are being forced to chant Vande Mataram. For this reason, people cut his beard and beat him up. In this video, the elderly man was folding his hands in front of some people. At the same time, people are being brutally beaten up by him. After this, another video went viral in which it was alleged that the victim was made to raise slogans of a particular religion.

Later this news turned out to be false. When the matter came to light, it was found that It was a matter of amulet And those boys who beat up also belonged to the same community. On this, the Ghaziabad police had told that the victim Abdul had reached Behta, Loni border on June 5. According to the police, the elderly used to make amulets. Boys named Poli, Arif, Adil, and Mushabid beat him up because according to them the talisman had the opposite effect.

Seeing this post of Ashok Pandit, the reactions of many people started coming to the fore. The user of the first name said – I want to tell the Ghaziabad Police that file a case against Mohammad Zubair and Swara Bhaskar for conspiracy to incite riots. This is not their first conspiracy but this is their effort every day! You punish or else people will give!

A user named Proud Indian commented and said – We should not give much attention to Swara Bhaskar. She wants to be popular in this episode. Why doesn’t Twitter block them? A person named Ram Pandey said – Swara Bhaskar will be safe because she is a woman. A person named Subhash said – is there a need to pay so much attention to these people? A user named Akhilesh said – Many names were left out who tried their best to spoil the atmosphere.

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