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Bollywood worried about the health of loved ones

After the Corona pandemic curbed the activities of the film industry, Bollywood has started to manage itself. While Cinta, an association of film artists, has come forward with the health and safety of its members, the filmmakers’ organization, Impa, has also appealed to the government to make special arrangements for the vaccination of its members. In a country where people are currently working by putting on a mask (mask) and following a safe gap, artists in the world of cinema and serials have to do this work in front of the camera without these precautions which have infected the corona of the actors’ Chances of being are increasing.

The spread of the Corona epidemic has adversely affected three areas — production, distribution, and performance — while confronting the problems facing the film world. After the closure of theaters and shooting in Maharashtra, the producers who were shooting films and serials outside the state have no less problems. On the one hand, they are facing opposition at the local level, and on the other hand, following the Corona rules, their budget has started to increase. Now Sinta (Cine and Television Artistes Association) has started raising the issue of protecting its member actors during the shoot. Sinta has asked that if during the shooting of a film its members are infected or they die, then who will bear the cost of their treatment or compensation? Cinta wants this responsibility to be fixed.

The Artists Association says that during the shoot, its members have to work in front of the camera without putting on a mask (mask), which automatically increases their chances of getting infected. Members have to travel from one place to another continuously while traveling by air or road, which is no less risky these days. Financially affluent artists can afford their treatment when infected, but it is not easy for technicians, junior artists, and actors doing a two-day shoot in small roles to afford their treatment.

It is also seen that due to the fear of Corona, many actors are refusing to shoot and the producers are quickly replacing them with another artist. Sinta states that the artist removed in such a situation should receive a compensation amount. However, the manufacturers are shooting in a safe biological environment (bio bubble) following the corona rules. But despite the cricket bubble being infected and the IPL being postponed despite the bio bubble, Sinta is worried about the health and safety of its members.

On the other hand, Impa (Indian Motion Picture Producers Association), an association of filmmakers, is also concerned about the health and safety of its members. Impa president TP Agarwal says that the corona epidemic has had a bad effect on its members. Impa, an organization with six thousand members, has sent money from its welfare fund to bank accounts of affected members in May, June, and July last year. But now there are problems in front of him. Impa President Aggarwal has appealed to Mumbai Manpa Commissioner Iqbal Singh Chahal and Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray to arrange for vaccination of members of the Impa.

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