Home Nation Capital Delhi on High Alert for terrorist Attack...

Capital Delhi on High Alert for terrorist Attack…

* In the preparation of 15 August this year there is more setup of security this year for terrorist attacks. * This year high tech thermal guns, Gadgets, Oximeter & forces will be deployed with MP-5 machine guns & Glock pistols. *Delhi Police & security forces are being deployed in the whole Delhi.

On the occasion of Independence day, 2020 Delhi is on high alert for a terrorist attack. Keeping this in mind security forces have taken their position in all parts of Delhi.

An intelligence input is received for the terrorist attack on Independence day 2020. The input is of a terrorist attack in the next three days in Delhi.

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After the input, the security of independence day function has been increased. Keeping the terrorist attack in mind the security around the Red Fort will be different from the past years.

High tech thermal guns have been set up near the Red Fort, Oxyometers. Security forces will be gunned with Glock & MP-5 machine guns, Delhi police forces are deployed.

Capital Delhi on High Alert for terrorist Attack...
image source: Naidunia

Intelligence Input…

According to the Intelligence input, a Khalistani terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannu has planned terrorist attacks on 14, 15 & 16 August on red fort.

Gurpatwant Singh has planned for the bomb blast at Red fort & to host the Khalistani flag at red fort doing this will be awarded 1.25lakh$. Pannu has made a video of this as a surety of this amount.

Security officials are saying that some of the Khalistani terrorists may disturb the peace of 15 August. Keeping the intelligence input in mind for Independence day on Red Fort there will be security in seven layers.

There will be security at the entry of the Red Fort ground where every person will be searched & checked by the security persons.

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On the other hand, due to Coronavirus & social Distancing, the number of guests is very much reduced, Only one-third of guests are invited on the 15th of August. Guests are advised for a proper health checkup.

At the entry of the Red Fort mask is made compulsory for every guest. On the other hand, a special booth is being prepared as a COVID box.

Screening will be done of every person, For the screening, they have to remove the mask from there face. Guests should not have any symptoms of COVID in the last two weeks.

Many ambulances are kept on standby if anyone has to rush to the hospital in an emergency. Beside 400 VIP guests, only 110 VIP chairs will be kept, there will be at least one-meter distance between the chairs.

Besides 3600 school students, only 500 NCC cadets will be available this year. Only listed & pass having journalist & media persons will be allowed to go near the Prime minister & other VIP’s.

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From Thursday morning the security will be increased at the Red Fort. More than 20,000 force has been deployed of Delhi Police, CISF & NSC. 500 Artificial Intelligence cameras are fixed near the Red Fort who will identify all the faces going from Red Fort.


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