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Career In Business Administration: Top 5 Career Options For Business Administration Graduate


  • Get good job after business administration course
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Career Paths In Business Administration: If you want to reach the heights of success in your life then you should do a business administration course. It is a field in which every aspect of operations, management, and related areas are told about running a business. Good knowledge in this field has a direct or indirect impact on both business growth and profits. Therefore, if you want to do a good job in a big company after your studies or want to open a startup, then this career option can prove to be right for you. After this course, job avenues open for you in the corporate world.

What is Business Administration

Almost every business, firm, or company has many departments like finance, marketing, human resources, and logistics. Only then a business runs properly. The business administration course aims to develop the skills and understanding required to run these departments. So that when you step into the corporate world, you have complete knowledge about the mechanism there. In business administration, students are taught how to enter the management field of the corporate world.

This degree teaches the skills needed to effectively conduct business administration and managerial functions. You can do professional courses like BBA and MBA in business administration. To do well in this field, students must have leadership quality, decision-making skills, and effective communication skills. Must be aware of the latest trends in the economy and industry.

Marketing manager

As a marketing manager, those people who want to go into business administration or marketing can make a career. Their key responsibilities are to strategize and manage marketing, promotion, and advertising processes. Language and communication skills play a very important role while applying for this post. The marketing manager should have the skills to expand the business using planning, budgeting, and research, as this is their responsibility.

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Human resource manager

The most important role in every company is that of the Human Resource Manager. They are responsible for recruiting new employees, payroll, training, consulting, and strategizing for the company. Due to the high demand of Human Resource Manager, nowadays students are preferring to study with this subject. If one wants to make a career in this field, then he/she must be highly skilled. Because they have the functions of managing human resource functions like employee recruitment, selection, industrial relations, compensation in addition to administrative roles.

Business consultant

For the expansion of any business, companies need a consultant who can give complete information to the company about the direction of growth and expansion of the enterprise. For this responsibility, there is a post of Business Consultant in companies. They are responsible for formulating the vision, mission, goals and objectives of the company. They focus on growth through smaller expenditures and increased revenue and advise managers on organizational changes to business models for economic growth.

Business analyst

The role of a Business Analysts in companies is to give analysis reports of their research and deliverables for any project. There are various projects which require analysis of feasibility study, software package selection, process improvement, etc. to be successful. This job requires basic knowledge of data, excel, and some IT-related technical aspects. A great package is given by the companies for this post.

Public relations manager

Communication skill is the most essential skill to get a job as a Public Relations Manager. Along with this, it is also very important to have basic knowledge of writing press releases issued by the company from time to time. The major role played by the PR Manager is to maintain the relationship with the media as well as the customers, branding the product in the market. Apart from this, by staying on this job profile, you will also have to handle the work of event management, conference, product launch, etc.

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