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Center to talk to farmers immediately: Amarinder Singh

Amid clashes between farmers and police over the farmers’ ‘Delhi Chalo’ march against agricultural laws, Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on Friday while addressing the Central Government said that the voice of the farmers cannot be suppressed and the center position Negotiate immediately with farmers to normalize. Singh questioned why the Center is waiting for December 3 to negotiate with the farmers when the situation is getting out of control.

Singh tweeted, ‘The voice of the farmers cannot be suppressed. The Center should immediately initiate dialogue with the farmers’ union leaders to calm the tense situation on Delhi’s borders. Now that the situation is getting out of hand, why wait till December 3? Singh asked the Center to accept the demand for assured minimum support price of farmers in the national interest.

The Punjab Chief Minister said, ‘The Central Government needs to accept the demand of farmers for assured MSP, which is the basic right of every farmer. If they can give verbal assurances then I am unable to understand why they cannot legally enforce it. ‘ Singh also targeted those who alleged that the Congress was provoking the farmers as ‘blind’ and said that the farmers were fighting for ‘life and livelihood’.

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Center always ready for talks: Khattar

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar assured the agitating farmers on Friday that the central government is always ready to negotiate with them and only a solution can be arrived at through dialogue. Khattar gave this assurance amid a call by the farmers of Punjab and Haryana for the ‘Delhi Chalo’ march in protest against the agricultural laws of the Center. Khattar appealed to the farmers to talk directly to the Center about their legitimate issues.

Khattar said in a tweet, “The central government is always ready for talks.” He said, ‘I appeal to all the farming brothers to directly talk to the Center for all their legitimate issues.’ Khattar told the farmers that movement is not the way to solve the problems and the solution will come out of the dialogue.

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