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when Lalu Yadav said- Chant Modi Ji garland and get riots done

Former Bihar Chief Minister and RJD leader Lalu Prasad are known for his outspoken and witty talk. But once in the show of ABP News, Lalu Prasad was furious on the question of journalist NK Singh. He had said that chant Modi ji garland and get the riots done. Also, when questions were raised by the anchor about Pappu Yadav, the RJD leader scolded the anchor itself.

Journalist NK Singh told Lalu Prasad that Lalu ji you spoke for about 20 minutes. But you have not given any such fact that it seems that the present government is doing really bad work. You should have raised such issues, that was your job. Even today you are talking about 25 years old social justice issue. Now politics has changed. You are doing the same politics for 25 years. I have been listening to you for 20 minutes.

The RJD leader said that what have you made of our face? By saying Jungle Raj, you guys committed a crime against Bihar. Today no man in the country wants to go to Bihar. Lalu Prasad said that the devils who said Jungle Raj has done injustice to Bihar.

Lalu Prasad said that we come from backward class, that’s why we were called clowns. But our fight continues. You keep chanting Modi Ji garland, keep enjoying, keep breaking the country, keep rioting! When the anchor told him that Pappu Yadav is not with you, what will be the effect on the assembly elections, he said what are you Pappu Yadav Let’s talk about.

Don’t remember what you guys used to say to Pappu Yadav, do you like Pappu Yadav very much? Today you are very much worried that how Pappu Yadav will be compensated. You keep adding accounts, keep doing surveys. You people used to say Pappu Yadav .., now if you are thrown out then they are worried.

Source: Janstta.com

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