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Chat will be automatically deleted with this feature of WhatsApp, know what is special in the feature and how it will work

WhatsApp is a messenger app that has millions of users worldwide including in India. Talking about India, WhatsApp will definitely be found in almost every smartphone. The reason for this is to be user-friendly. This app not only gives you the facility of messaging, but now you can also make payments through it. To increase the number of users, the Tech team of WhatsApp is constantly working to improve it.

Recently, WhatsApp has given another important feature to its users which has been waiting for a long time all over the world including India. Now while not delaying, tell you which is the new feature of WhatsApp which will greatly improve your messaging.

Disappearing Messages Feature: This Disappearing feature of WhatsApp has been launched, which has been started for testing. According to the update in India, this feature has been started in test mode for iOS and Android users.

This feature of WhatsApp is for groups created on WhatsApp. The special feature of this feature is that not only the group admin, but all the members of the group will be able to use this feature.

But at present, WhatsApp has given permission to use only the group admin. In the coming time, two options will be given to the group administrator regarding the use of this feature. In which he will be able to decide who will use this feature and who will not.

Meaning that the two options that the group administrator is going to have about this feature will be the first option for all the participants i.e. all the members of the group and the second option will be the only admin i.e. only the group admin will be able to use this feature.

How This Disappearing Feature Works: If any member of the WhatsApp group does not open WhatsApp for 7 days, then the messages in that group will be automatically deleted for 7 days.

This means that you will get freedom from deleting messages every week. At present, this feature is still in testing mode, so from WhatsApp, it has only gone to select users.

WhatsApp disappearing messages feature will automatically delete the chat, know what is special in the feature and how it will work

WhatsApp will soon launch the disappearing messages feature, know its benefits with complete information

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