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China built near LAC, Ladakh leader told- now everything is seen from near

China is not deterred by its antics. Konchok Stanzin, the counselor of Eastern Ladakh, said that China is building near LAC. Konchok Stanzin has said that the structure that China was constructing was not previously visible from the villages on the border, but now this construction is clearly visible. China is slowly gaining foot in what India considers to be the Line of Actual Control. Let us know that Konchok Stanzin won an independent victory in Autonomous Hill Development Council (LAHDC).

Konchok Stanzin said this during an interview with ‘The Hindu’. He further said that eyewitnesses are witness to the fact that many Chinese tents, bunkers, and Chinese vehicles are also seen there. Konchok Stanzin said that because of the large deployment of troops, the nomadic people living in the village near Pangong Lake could not use the fodder grown on the land during the winter season for their livestock. Konchok Stanzin is also part of the delegation that has been in Delhi for the past one week and wants to meet the central government and put up with its many demands. This delegation recently met Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Defense Minister Rajnath Singh.

He said that till 2018, only one camera was installed from China near the blacktop of South Pangong. Today we often see Chinese trains and tents there. Whereas there are some high altitude areas where they come and go with their vehicles and we are not able to reach those areas either by horses or other means. There are many areas in the Finger Area which China has occupied. The counselor said that since 2018, China has been trying to infiltrate these areas. In a strategy, China instigates the nomads of the area, provides the facilities and these people slowly move forward and encamp at the spot and tell it to be their own.

According to Konchok Stanzin, there are many restrictions on these nomads from India. They have to show icard and other necessary introduction. The counselor said that he has appealed to the Defense Minister to allow these nomads to go to the finger area to feed their animals.

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