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China is unable to succeed, India’s success on the corona vaccine

A hacking group in China has targeted the IT systems of two Indian vaccine manufacturers in recent weeks. Whose coronavirus vaccine is being used in vaccination campaigns in India. Cyber ​​intelligence firm Cyfirma informed the news agency Reuters. China and India have sent COVID-19 doses to many countries. India is producing more than 60 percent of all Kovid vaccines sold in the world. According to Cyfirma, Chinese hacking group APT10, also known as Stone Panda, targeted the IT infrastructure and supply chain software of the Biotech and Serum Institute of India.

Cyfirma’s Kumar Ritesh, who worked with the British foreign intelligence agency MI6, said, “Chinese hackers are doing this because they want to gather information so that they can compete with Indian pharmaceutical companies.” He said that APT10 is actively targeting the Serum Institute, which is producing the AstraZeneca vaccine for several countries and will soon start making Novavax shots.

Kumar Ritesh said, “In the case of Serum Institute, they have targeted vulnerable web servers.” “They talked about weak web applications, they are also talking about weak content management systems. It is very worrying. ” China’s foreign ministry has not immediately responded to the case.

The Serum Institute and Bharat Biotech declined to comment. The Government Computer Emergency Response Team, with whom the intelligence agency said it had shared its information, did not immediately comment.

Earlier in 2018, the US government said that APT10 worked closely with the Chinese government. Microsoft said in November that it had detected cyberattacks from Russia and North Korea targeting COVID-19 vaccine companies in India, Canada, France, South Korea, and the US.

North Korean hackers also tried to break into the system of British drugmaker AstraZeneca.

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