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Chintu Pandey father got FIR, Khesari Lal said – no one is born who will disturb me

Bhojpuri singer and actor Khesari Lal Yadav has recently filed an FIR by Bhojpuri producer Rajkumar R Pandey, on which the actor has now made his comments. Rajkumar has accused Khesari of trying to humiliate his son Pradeep Pandey alias Chintu Pandey by coming live on social media and using direct and indirect derogatory words. Rajkumar has lodged an FIR against some more close people of Khesari and said that his son has been threatened with death.

Khesari Lal has broken the silence on the FIR on himself. He has said in a conversation with Aaj Tak that he is very popular because of the public and he cannot be disturbed by an FIR. The Bhojpuri actor used to say, ‘I have the love of crores of people, I don’t think anyone can disturb me. No one has been born yet to disturb me. This is because the love of the people of God is above me.

Khesari Lal further said that he is proud that his fans have given so much love to a poor boy. He said, ‘It is not my ego but my pride for the public that they have given me so much love. A buffalo grazer, milk seller, little seller, illiterate man. I passed matriculation from the second division, that too with difficulty. I still do not add to the discount. There is no distant relationship with English. There is just one skill that people like. ‘

Actor Chintu Pandey’s father has told in his FIR that Khesari is jealous of Chintu’s success so he is trying to humiliate him. On this, Khesari Lal said, ‘Even Chintu will know what can be compared between me and him. Who doesn’t understand whether they are ahead of me or behind me? ‘

Let me tell you that Chintu Pandey’s father filed a complaint against Khesari Lal Yadav, songwriter of his album Akhilesh Kashyap, YouTuber Arjun, Mehboob and some unknown people under Section 504, 506 and IT Act 66 (D) against Gudamba police station in Lucknow. FIR is lodged. Chintu Pandey made his debut as a child artist in Bhojpuri films and now he is becoming very popular as an actor.

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