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Class 10th & 12th CBSE Exam update!!

Today the hearing was held in the supreme court on the remaining exams of CBSE of class 10th & 12th petition. Delhi, Odisha & Maharastra told that they are unable to conduct the exam in their state due to Coronavirus pandemic. Solicitor General Tushar Mehta said that exams between 1 to 15 July of classes 10th & 12th is canceled.

CBSE has decided that the class 10th exams will be canceled completely on the other hand exams of students of class 12 will be conducted in MCQ form.

Parents of the students went to the supreme court in the Corona pandemic to cancel the exams of there children due to looking forward to the safety of the students from Corona. Supreme court gave the decision to cancel all the CBSE exams by looking for the safety of the students in the Corona pandemic. The hearing was held on Tuesday.

After the decision of the court, CBSE asked the time from the court till 25 June. Today they gave the final decision that exams of class 10th students will be canceled totally & where on the other hand students of class 12th CBSE for boards will appear in the MCQ exams.
As more than 31 lakh students were eligible for giving the exam this year & CBSE canceled the exams, This cancellation of exams of CBSE board will affect the competitive exams of other universities, JEE Mains & NEET exams. The delay in the competitive exams will delay the starting of the 1st year of their studies.

CBSE board exams
image source- The Indian Express

Delhi Government: Manish Sisodiya wrote a letter to the MHRD minister Ramesh Pokhriyal asking him to please cancel the CBSE exams as there is a very serious situation in Delhi in which exams of CBSE board of class 10th & 12th can not be organized as it can be a very risk in organizing the exams.

In the letter Manish Sisodiya written that the students of Delhi can be passed on the previous academic performance & brought his attention towards the 242 containment zones in Delhi in which the no of Corona patients is increasing day by day in Delhi.

Cases in Delhi of Corona are increasing rapidly & it is assumed that till 31 July there would be near about 5.3 lakh COVID cases in Delhi. Organizing the board exams in this situation in which presently the Corona patients are increasing so fast is very risky for the students. In this situation, if there is any COVID-19 patient in the locality or contact of the student there would be a lot of trouble to other students as they can also be infected from that student.


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