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You will also win in the ‘Mahabharata’ with trolling – commented on Rakesh Tikait, the actor surrounded the anchor

Farmers opposing the agricultural laws are standing on the Delhi border and they demand that the three agricultural laws be withdrawn. Meanwhile, he has announced that he will organize a tractor rally on the occasion of Republic Day on 26 January. Rakesh Tikait, spokesperson of the Bharatiya Kisan Union, one of the prominent faces of the peasant movement, has announced that till the withdrawal of the agricultural laws, they will not enter the boundary of their home district Muzaffarnagar.

Meanwhile, actor Gajendra Chauhan, who played Yudhishthira in ‘Mahabharata’, made a comment on him after which he became a victim of tremendous trolling on social media. He wrote on Twitter, “Rakesh Tikait has forgotten that after finishing the agitation he has to come back to his home in Baghpat at some time, then Babaji will sow coriander from Quaid.”

On his warning tweet, people started trolling him. This time, News18 India’s film anchor Shikha Dhariwal has supported him and said that he will win in this ‘Mahabharata’ too. Sharing a short video clip of one of his interviews with Gajendra Chauhan, he wrote, ‘Gajendra Chauhan will win you in the Mahabharata with trolling on social media’.

In the video, Gajendra Chauhan is saying, ‘I have had the opportunity to fight many Mahabharata in my life. FTII has also become Mahabharata, I was fighting the same war as Mahabharata. When there is a matter of meaning in our film industry, people comment, and when it comes to others …

Shikha has also posted a hashtag of #IStandWithGajendraChauhan with her tweet in support of Gajendra Chauhan. There is a mixed reaction of people to this tweet. Nayan Singh Baghel wrote, ‘See, these journalists of our country, they are not ashamed. How have these people become so biased? Actually, you are not a journalist, but the misfortune of this country.

Virendra Thakur wrote in support of Gajendra Chauhan, ‘The peasant movement has lost its morality.’ Responding to advocate Kapil Tyagi, the user wrote to Shikha Dhariwal and Gajendra Chauhan, writing, ‘It is like Gajju Bhaiya come to your senses. There is a lot of difference between reel and real life. Remember, there is no cut and retake in real life. Nimmi Singh wrote, ‘Won, we are all with Sir.’

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