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Editorial: With caution

When the corona was declared a global pandemic last year, the entire world has faced all the situations it has known since. With the entire social life coming to a standstill, the condition on the economy front has become so weak that it may take a long time to recover from it. For the last few months, the thrust of this epidemic has been gradually weakened as well as Purnbandi has been gradually relaxed and the activities of normal life are in order to become normal again. It was in this context that for some time, concern was being raised between the government and the common people at different levels about when the schools that were closed due to the closure would be opened.

The opening of schools has certainly been a major challenge in the wake of the epidemic and the serious state of infection, but in many other areas, relief is seen when cases of corona are generally under control, despite progressing to normal life, Then opinion was also formed on this issue. Now in some states, the government has given permission to open schools, although it will have to take care of all the rules and regulations prescribed to prevent infection of the corona. That is, the number of children, time of school, distance from each other, application of masks, etc. will have to ensure the implementation of instructions.

After taking steps recently in some other states, now Delhi and Rajasthan have also been allowed to start schooling with some conditions from Monday. The school in Maharashtra has been reported to open since January 27, although it is not yet agreed for Mumbai. In Delhi, it has been decided for the students of class X and XII, but students who go to school will have to take the written permission of their parents. Clearly, governments have had to take precautions on many levels to come up with the decision to open schools.

In fact, since school-colleges or any educational institution are mass attendance campuses and in such a situation the risk of infection could be greater than expected, it was necessary to keep them closed. It is true that in the condition of the closure of school-college, it had an adverse effect on the regular teaching of children, but the government made an alternative arrangement to compensate it through online studies. However, in terms of quality of education, the online medium has its own limits as compared to regular classes.

It is a fact that a large population of the country is still living in a lack of resources at many levels. There are many people whose resources such as computers, smartphones, and the internet are not available to meet the needs of online classes of children studying in their homes. In such a situation, it was feared that a large number of children would be deprived of education if school closures were prolonged. In such a situation, with the control of the corona under control, it is good to have decided to open schools now. But still, all necessary precautions should be taken to protect against susceptibility to infection.

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