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Considering Sonia Gandhi as a mother, Sidhu was putting his hand at her feet, Sambit Patra said to Ragini Nayak!

In News18 India live debate, Congress spokesperson Ragini Nayak and BJP leader Sambit Patra got into a heated argument in front of Amish Devgan. Meanwhile, Sambit Patra also mentioned Navjot Singh Sidhu. During the debate, Patra said in front of Ragini Nayak about Sidhu that Navjot Singh Sidhu had put his hands at the feet of Sonia Gandhi as a mother and joined the party.

When Congress leader Jitin Prasad left the party and joined the BJP, Sambit Patra, referring to Navjot Singh Sidhu, started saying in the live debate- ‘You forget that your existence has ended after seeing the other losers. So much negativity!’ At the same time, taking a jibe at the Congress, he also started saying the alphabet of a film song – four baaj gaye but the party is yet to come.

He was told about the mother that to betray the mother and leave the worship of the mother. I remember all these dialogues. Yeh jo maa wala dialogue hai na – party is mother, it was first said by Navjot Singh Sidhu Ji. One should never cheat with the mother.

Sambit Patra further said- ‘And I also remember the picture when Navjot Singh Sidhu, after leaving the Bharatiya Janata Party, was laying his hands at the feet of Sonia Gandhi ji, considering her as her mother. And was saying that from today this is my mother. So what happened at that time? How has this definition of the mother changed? Sambit said- Congress is saying that even their lion is gone, Lakshman is not there and they do not like Ram, so what is in their hands now?

The BJP leader further said- ‘There was a song that – four baaj gaye but the party is yet to come. I think now three are left but the party is still there. Because I do not trust even Robert Vadra Ji. Sometimes I feel that he too can go to Samajwadi Party.

On this, Ragini Nayak says- ‘Sambit Ji, the biggest mistake is that you never look in your pocket. You always put the blame on others. When you point one finger towards someone, the other three fingers point towards yourself.

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