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Continuous Encounters in Jammu & Kashmir, Anantnag!!!

There is great news coming from the Jammu Kashmir, Anantnag. 3 terrorists are encountered in the Anantnag, Jammu Kashmir. According to the news agency ANI, the identity of the terrorists is not being made until now. The search operation is still on now.

In the combat with army 3 terrorists are encountered on Monday morning. Arms recovered from the killed terrorists are 1-1 rifles & 2 pistols. Terrorists belong to which group is not clear till now. Army has surrounded the whole area & search operation is carried out.

From the sources, the army did their operations on the secret intelligence in the area of Khulchohar, & suddenly the combat started between the army & terrorists in which 3 terrorists were killed. The army is trying to identify the killed terrorists & the search operation is going on in the whole area, to check that there may be some more terrorists in the area.

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On Sunday Jammu Kashmir police gave the official information that a mother of killed terrorists is being arrested for photo clicked with a rifle & motivating others to join the terrorist group in the area. Officials also said the sister of the killed terrorists Abass Shekh also being arrested by the police as she was motivating the peoples to join the terrorist group in the valley.

From the sources, the terrorists are keeping an eye on the bad weather. As the weather will be tough & rain will start the terrorists will start their infiltration attempts. Fo this the terrorists have activated the helpers of the terrorists.

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Few days before BSF also shot down the drone sends by Pakistan in the India region in which the arms were attached. As it is said that to stop infiltration in the rainy season is very tough & challenging as there are many small springs which are in both Pakistan & India both. It’s a great challenge to stop the infiltration in this season as due to heavy rain many areas fencing gets disturbed.


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