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Live: Corona cases are increasing rapidly in the country, Maharashtra becomes a cause for concern

Coronavirus Lockdown in India Live Updates: There have been more than one lakh cases of corona virus infection in India in just two days. In the last 24 hours, there were 53,476 new cases of infection, the highest number of cases reported in a single day so far this year. With this, the total infection cases in the country have reached 1,17,87,534. Meanwhile, former Uttarakhand CM and Congress leader Harish Rawat was taken to AIIMS Delhi from Dehradun by air ambulance of the state government. On Wednesday, Rawat said that he had found symptoms of Kovid-19.

The death toll is also not decreasing. On Wednesday, 248 people died due to a corona infection. However, it was a bit of relief compared to Tuesday. 275 people died of Corona infection that day. After the sharp increase on Wednesday, the number of active corona cases in the country has increased to 3,96,889. At present, the number of active cases is increasing rapidly to near 4 lakhs.

Maharashtra and Delhi have increased the concern of the people. The Health Department has confirmed 1254 new cases of corona in the capital in the last 24 hours, the highest so far this year. Earlier on December 18, 1418 people were found infected. The maximum number of cases came 96 days later.

On the other hand, 31,855 cases of new infections were registered in Maharashtra on Wednesday. Apart from this, the number of new cases in Mumbai also crossed 5,000. 5,190 new cases have been registered in the city. In this way, Maharashtra alone has 2.5 lakh active cases, while the figure for the whole country is close to 4 lakh.

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