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Corona has become serious for the country.

coronavirus is a serious matter for the world. because of coronavirus and because of lockdown and fear of pandemic all the work is destructed and ruined. every country is facing crises.

in India, coronavirus cases crossed 37 lakh mark on Wednesday, with 78357 cases in the last 24 hours from all over the country. in the past 1045 death in the past days took the death number in India to 66333.

The health minister said, out of the total number of coronavirus cases 8 lakh is active cases in the country and 29 lakh have been cured and discharged from the hospitals. every single day number of coronavirus cases is increasing and every day makes a new record.

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The WHO said that India reported the new increases cases of the pandemic last week and reported around the world the new cases increased by 1 million.

India has reported, increased 500000 new cases in the past seven days, and 9% increased in comparison to the past seven days and increased the highest number of new cases all over the world.

India crossed the 20 lakh mark on the 7th of august and 30 marks on august 23. according to ICMR, 101235 were tested on Tuesday out of 44337201 sample on September 1.

Corona becoming serious for the World.
image source: BloombergQuint

gradually the cases are increases, free of COVID is decreases in the heart of people. people are visiting outside with maintaining social distancing.
it becomes a matter of concern worldwide. since march schools have been closed which is the huge loss of students and their future.

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government is taking measures to stop the spread of coronavirus but those measures are not enough. the government should take more strict measures to tackle this situation.

If people will not be serious about this global pandemic or the government will not take strict decisions to tackle the pandemic, then the number of coronavirus cases will be in crores in the future and it will be very difficult to stop the spread of coronavirus in the country like India.

Because of COVID 19 impact, the GDP of the country has become the lowest and so many losses are arising in the country.


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