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Buses will travel in Delhi and buses will be monitored from the Command and Control Center with a safe, hi-tech system

In order to make bus travel in Delhi more safe and easy, now real-time monitoring of activities of CCTV, GPS, and panic buttons in Delhi’s DTC and cluster buses will be done 24 hours. Monitoring will be done from the Command and Control Center at the Kashmiri Gate bus base.

The purpose of this project is to ensure passenger safety especially the security of women passengers through IP-based CCTV surveillance cameras, panic buttons, and GPS in DTC and cluster buses. Delhi’s Transport Minister Kailash Gehlot today inspected the Command and Control Center at the Kashmiri Gate.

In addition to the command and control center at Kashmiri Gate, there is also a disaster recovery center, a data center, and separate viewing centers in all depots. All depot managers can also monitor live footage. The command center will operate 24 hours for real-time monitoring of all activities in buses. The depot manager, driver, conductor, and marshals have completed their training related to operating the system installed in the buses.

How will the monitoring system of buses work?

Delhi’s nearly five and a half thousand DTCs and cluster buses now have 3-IP cameras, MNVR GPS devices, 10 panic buttons, a display for the driver, one driver and conductor for the hooter, strobe, and two-way audio communication devices. Has been fitted with. All the new buses and incoming buses already have all these systems, which will be connected with the Command and Control Center at Kashmiri Gate.

Passengers, drivers, or conductors can press the panic button in any emergency. The alert will be automatically sent to the Command and Control Center at Kashmiri Gate in real-time. At the command center, the operator will filter the alerts and send alerts to the concerned service such as police, fire, and ambulance for a quick response with GPS directions of the bus through Standard Operating Procedures (SOPE) based on different alert alarms. In consonance with these panic alerts, an SMS and an email alert will also be sent to the officials concerned at the time of emergency.

Preventive pre-recording is being done in the system

Amar Pratap, a member of the team that developed the monitoring system, said that the system has been designed in such a way that if there is a fight in a bus and someone presses the panic button, then the alert that comes to us, pressing the panic button Recording of what happened 20 seconds ago also comes to us. We have given 2 layer security.

If for some reason the device breaks or breaks, then we still have 40 seconds of feed. But if the device is secure, then 24-hour data is available with us for 7 days. Preventive pre-recording is also happening. If a woman has to seduce her, then we can also see what happened to her in the footage of 20 seconds ago.

24 hours monitoring will reduce the incidence of crime in buses

According to Amar Pratap, this system monitors individual buses live and all these buses give live feed to us. Many times it happens that where a CCTV camera is installed, then people avoid misbehaving. When people understand that there is 24-hour monitoring, then events like pickpocketing or snatching will reduce further. Right now DTC buses have a lot of such activities. If there is 24-hour monitoring, then such incidents will be avoided because the evidence is gathered in it.

The driver will not be able to miss the bus stop-

There are 5473 buses in Delhi on which this system has been fully installed. Its special feature is also that it is often seen that bus drivers move away from their route or do not stop the bus at any bus stop, but now it will not be possible to do so. The route where the bus runs and stops at its stop, then an OK alert is sent to the system. But if the stop is missed or the route changes, then its alert comes in the command center.

Soon Chief Minister will inaugurate-

Transport Minister Kailash Gehlot, who arrived to inspect the Command and Control Center, said that this center has been taken over for a 15-20 day trial, where all the live feed can be seen. After pressing the panic button, the alarm will ring, the bus can be contacted through the wireless system. The tender cost of this project is around Rs 150 crores, in which only 5 years the company will maintain it. The entire system will soon be dedicated to the public by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. Delhi’s buses will now be safer than before.

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