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Delhi Government Invited 7 Corona warriors on 15 August celebration…

This year our whole nation suffered from a killing virus called coronavirus or COVID-19. Due to this disease, everyone suffered from many problems.

Right now in India, around 2,525,144 cases are active and 49,134 deaths already occurred. The government also took various safety measures for the prevention of this disease like whole states lockdown, weekly lockdown, social distancing, etc.

But these measures prevent people from this disease but also create many problems for people. Due to this pandemic, the excitement of all the festivals has been reduced this year.

But when the whole nation was getting locked and suffering from this disease, some great warriors continuously worked hard and take care of persons wholeheartedly like doctors, police, sweepers, workers, etc.

In the pandemic situation these corona warriors have done a great job So, On 15 august 2020 at the occasion of 74th independence day, Delhi government invited 7 corona warriors, plasma donors, a doctor, and an ambulance driver who worked in different fields like medical, police, sanitation, administration, etc.

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Because these are the only persons who are always ready to take care of the people by risking their lives in this pandemic situation.

Delhi government invited corona warriors
image source: Thrive Global India

Delhi government also invited -additional district magistrate Rajeev Singh Parihar, Hirdesh Kumar (Rajiv Gandhi senior specialty hospital”s senior medical officer), Sonu (LNJP hospital”s nursing officer), police constable Pradeep Chauhan, tej bahadur (CATS ambulance driver), Dina Nath Yadav (civil defense volunteer) and Ashok Kumar, the municipal sanitation worker.

These warriors were representing their fields in the event of independence day which was held at Delhi secretariat. Due to continuously increasing no. of corona cases, the excitement of celebrating independence day is also very low because the celebration of independence day 2020 was very much different from previous years.

like- school kids are also not participating in any cultural activity, only NCC cadets were there representing them. The VIP guest list was also reduced from 400 to only 110 guests at Red fort.

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All the persons were strictly instructed to follow social distancing and wear masks. Home minister and health ministry also published guidelines for independence day 2020 that –“those who have COVID-19 symptoms in the past 20 days have been advised to stay at home.

Special sittings were also done for 100-125 people on both sides of the stage at Red fort as per the COVID-19 and social distancing rules. So we could say that this independence day is virtual independence day as many people have seen today’s event by media only.


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