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Delhi government will provide security and convenience to the inter-married couple

The Delhi government has issued detailed guidelines regarding disputed marriages (inter-caste marriages) to be held in Delhi. With the help of these guidelines, security will be provided to the newly married couple and their families. The Delhi Government has also connected Call Center 181 with this facility to provide help to the people so that they can be provided assistance in case of any dispute. The Delhi government has made detailed provisions in these guidelines.

The provisions related to these matters have been issued by orders of LK Gautam, Secretary, Home Department. These orders state that after such cases come up, such couples will be provided immediate help through the police and the government. Special places will be identified for them, where their accommodation will be arranged. Facilities will also be available for 24 hours on the helpline of the government. This arrangement will help to overcome the troubles faced in such cases. Following court orders, the Delhi government has taken the initiative in this direction.

It has also been clarified in the orders that as soon as any such case of such complaint comes to the fore, the Deputy Commissioner of Police of the district will have to investigate the matter. In addition, a stay will be arranged for the married couple and until the matter is settled. Till then the matter will be monitored.

In such cases, the proceedings under Section 151 of CrPC will be carried out directly and the area ACP will be entrusted to look into the matter. The orders also state that safe living space will be provided for such couples. Where they will be provided with bedding, food, daily necessities, health services, etc.

Apart from this, if anyone from such a couple comes to the center for a meeting, then the information about the time of arrival in the register will be collected. The Delhi government has also ordered the formation of a six-member special committee to oversee this system.

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