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‘Why the difference in action on accounts during the Capitol Hill incident and the Red Fort violence?’

The central government is now preparing to crack down on the social media platform ‘Twitter’. On Wednesday night, the Ministry of Information Technology released the details of the interaction with the Twitter officials. It states that the IT secretary had a long chat with Twitter officials through video conferencing. In this, he raised the issue of the different treatment of Twitter in Western countries and India. At the same time, he also warned the company to simply disobey India’s rules.

What’s the dispute?: On February 4, the government asked Twitter to ban 1178 accounts whose affiliations with Pakistani and Khalistani supporters were found and from which misleading and inflammatory content was shared in connection with farmers’ demonstrations. In total, Twitter has processed more than 1,000 accounts. Of these, 500 were demanded by the government.

Based on the government’s complaint, Twitter had banned some accounts for a few hours but restored it again. After this, the government issued a notice of non-compliance with the order and also warned of taking legal action. On Wednesday, Twitter reported in a blog post that it has banned more than 500 accounts and blocked some to prevent the spread of misleading and inflammatory content on the government’s directive.

What happened in the government-Twitter meeting ?: Following the move, a meeting was held on Wednesday between IT Secretary Ajay Prakash Sahni and Twitter’s Global Public Policy Vice-President Monique Meshe and Twitter’s Legal Affairs Vice-President Jim Baker. According to the statement issued by the government, the meeting discussed the twin attitude of Twitter on the issue of Capitol Hill violence and violence in the Red Fort.

In a two-hour meeting, the Indian side said, “To not see Twitter standing with freedom of expression, but to support those who call freedom abusive and disturb the public order, to create a lot of disappointment. Going to do.”

“The secretary raised the issue of the hashtag Farmer Genocide in front of Twitter officials at the meeting and expressed displeasure over how Twitter took a long time to remove the hashtag and the content associated with it despite the government’s emergency order,” the statement said. At a time when irresponsible content can provoke the situation, spreading misinformation and running baseless hashtags like the genocide of farmers is neither the freedom of journalism nor the freedom of expression under Article 19 of the Constitution. ” The statement further said that despite the government’s legal attention to Twitter, the platform allowed this hashtag to run for a long time, which is unfortunate.

It is important to obey the law of India: The government told Twitter in this meeting that the way officially fake, unverified, anonymous, and automatic accounts are allowed. This raises doubts on whether there will be transparent and better interaction on this platform. It has been told that Twitter was also asked to obey the law of India in the meeting. The Secretary said that any order should be considered immediately, whatever the policy of the company. Where the company does business, only the law of that place applies. It is meaningless to accept a government order after a few days.

The government also told Twitter officials that their company is welcome to do business in India, but this can only happen if it respects India’s democratic institutions. The government also said in its statement that any company must comply with the laws passed by the Parliament of India when it is in the country. Even if the rules of companies other than this.

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