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Dilip Kumar was always accused of interfering in the work of directors. It is said that while becoming the ‘leader’, its director Ram Mukherjee (Rani Mukerji father) used to sit outside and Dilip Kumar used to direct the film on the inside set. But the example of how a scene or a sequence shines through his intervention is ‘Sangdil’, (Madhubala, Dilip Kumar, Shammi, 1952) whose screenplay was written by Ramanand Sagar, the creator of ‘Ramayana’. Music lovers would not get to hear such a melodious song if Dilip Kumar did not intervene.

The incident is from 1952. Producer-Director RC Talwar was filming a song for the film ‘Sangdil’ featuring Madhubala, Dilip Kumar, Shammi. Sung by Shamshad Begum, the lyrics of the song were – Chal wahan piya jahan tera mera jiya hillmil ke hanse, hillmil ke mile…” It was a ballroom dance in which Dilip Kumar only had to move. Dilip Kumar saw that there is nothing for him to do in the song and the song is also not very good, so he asked the director that you should change the song. Talwar was upset. He told the request of Dilip Kumar to the composer Sajjad Hussain. Sajjad Hussain felt very bad.

Hussain was blunt and did not understand anyone in front of him. He used to call Kishore Kumar as Shor Kumar and Talat Mahmood as wrong Mahmood. Tales of his arrogance were well known. Therefore, despite working in films for 33 years, Sajjad Hussain gave music in 17 films counted. Renowned singers were reluctant to sing for him as he was expert in his skills and made the singers work hard. Dilip Kumar was interfering in his work here, due to which Sajjad’s mercury had gone up. Sajjad Hussain understood that Dilip Kumar wanted to put himself forward in this song while the song was on Shammi and the same thing was knocking Dilip Kumar.

So Sajjad decided to sing Shamshad Begum’s song from Talat Mehmood, whom he had wrongly called Mehmood. This song was ‘Yeh Hawa Ye Raat Yeh Chandni Teri Ik Ada Pe Nisaar Hai…’ The song was ready. Choreographer Gopikrishna directed it. This song became very popular. So much so that it added to the reputation of Sajjad Hussain and ‘Sangdil’ made in 80 lakhs did a business of crores. But after ‘Sangdil’, Sajjad Hussain never worked with Dilip Kumar again as he did not like anyone’s interference in his work.

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