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Dimple Kapadia had spoken on her return to films – Sridevi did not leave anything for me…

Dimple Kapadia Birthday: Today is the birthday of Dimple Kapadia, wife of Bollywood’s famous actress and the first superstar of the Hindi film industry, Rajesh Khanna. Dimple Kapadia started her career with the film Bobby but before its release, she married Rajesh Khanna. After marriage, she had distanced herself from films and when she returned to the film industry after 11 years, things were not so easy for her. There was a time when she had no competition after the very first film, but when she came back, the best actress like Sridevi in ​​the industry had become everyone’s choice.

In an interview, Dimple Kapadia had mentioned her difficulties. When asked that if she had not taken a break from films, her career would have been different, she replied, ‘Maybe I would have finished working in those 10–11 years. That’s why I’m not sorry. During that time I fulfilled the responsibilities of my family life. However, by the time I came back to films, Sridevi had dominated Hindi films. He didn’t leave anything for me.

Dimple Kapadia did her first film under the direction of Raj Kapoor. His style of working was different and when he started working again, he had to face a lot of difficulties with new directors.

He had told, ‘Working in the 80s was very painful after working with a brilliant and genius director like Raj Kapoor. Four scenes followed by two songs. Saying action without thinking to the director and saying cut without thinking.’

Dimple Kapadia in her second innings from the film Sagar once again showed that she is the best actress. Rishi Kapoor and Kamal Haasan were with him in this film.

Dimple made a distance from films at the behest of Rajesh Khanna. Actually, Rajesh Khanna did not want Dimple Kapadia to work in films after marriage. There was often a rift between Dimple Kapadia and Rajesh Khanna regarding this matter. The married life of both did not go well for long and when Tina Munim came into Rajesh Khanna’s life, Dimple Kapadia left Rajesh Khanna forever and started working in films.

However, Rajesh Khanna later admitted that he had made a big mistake by stopping Dimple from working. This was the reason that when he came into the relationship with Tina Munim, he told her not to give up her work. It is another matter that Rajesh Khanna’s relationship with Tina Munim also broke soon.

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