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Dwarka City Submerged in Sea. Remaining are Still today???

Dwarka the Golden City established by Lord Krishna submerged in Sea. What are the remaining of Dwarka City in Gujrat.

Shri Krishna, settled Dwarka City on the beach after he left Mathura- Vrindavan. Gujarat is found to be proud of Dwarka.

A city submerged beneath the water is Dwarka it was found while several discoveries. This city is known to be settled by Kanha in Dwapara yuga. Which got ruined by the curse of Gandhari, the mother of the Kauravas.

The big question that arises here is why the curse arrived, that ruined the city.

After the Mahabharat

The Pandavs, children of Kunti, won the battle of Mahabharat. The elder one, Yudhistira was placed on the throne by Shri Krishna after explaining the rules and regulations related to the state.

After this celebration, he came to meet Gandhari, the mother of Kauravas. On the arrival of Kanha, she started crying bitterly and was angry, so cursed Krishna.

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The curse was, that the way you have destroyed my clan would take place with you and your clan would end. As he took birth in human form, he bowed down to Gandhari.

Why did the Sages curse?

The time when Maharishi Vishwamitra and Kanva Rishi entered Dwarka. When the sight of young ones with Samb (son of Krishna) fell on these great Sages. The young ones got notorious and dressed Samb as a pregnant woman, and took him to the Sages.

Dwarka City Submerged in Sea
Dwarka City Submerged in Sea

They asked what will be produced from the womb, answered Maharishi. Sages in anger said that a pestle would be produced from this womb, by which evil, rude, and cruel people like you will destroy their clans.

To this Shri Krishna honored the Sages, and knew that words had to be true. He started thinking to save the family and the city. This also made him remind the curse of Gandhari.

While this has to be true the Sages curse and the Gandhari curse. He went on pilgrimage for some time and returned to Prabhas when he heard of the fight between his family people.

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He found many got dead from his loved ones and even sons. He uprooted a grass Erca and killed every one of those, who got involved in the fight, killing their families but left alive.

On this Kanha decided to call Arjun from Hastinapura and send the women and children of the city to the Hastinapur

Dwarka drowned into the sea…

Arjun reached Dwarka and asked Vasudev Ji to order all the remaining people in the city to prepare to migrate to Hastinapur. Then Arjun went to Prabhas Kshetra and performed all rituals and rites of all the Chandravanshi (Yadav).

Dwarka City Submerged in Sea
Dwarka City Submerged in Sea

The next day Vasudev Ji gave up his life, and Arjun the only relative left performed their rites. After this Arjun left for his city Hastinapur with the children and women.

As soon as they left the city, the Palace of Dwarka got submerged into the Sea. The pillars and remains are still found in the Sea when different research takes place.

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